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How to materialize internship into full-time job?

Summer internship is integral part of every B-school syllabus. It is the greatest opportunity for students to build up rapport and positive image in the eyes of the employers, if that is the company you are targeting for full-time job after completion of studies. Take internship as an extended job interview and develop strategy likewise. Doing prior homework about the company is mandatory for every interview, to show them you are worth being part of their organization.

Here are some handy tips to convert your internship into full-time job:

Turn MBA Internship To Full time Job
  1. Be clear about your goals
    If you intend to continue with the same company for full-time position, propose this from the very beginning i.e. during your first interview itself. Maintaining transparency of goals is vital at this stage. If the employer is keen on your idea, you may land up with a lucrative internship program and job offer for the future.

  2. Have a dialogue
    Keep in mind one thing that, you too have to test the water with the concerned company as they are also examining you. Utilize your internship program to see the work culture, company functioning, long-term career prospects, etc. If you find everything positive about the work environment, you will have better motivation to give your 100%.

  3. Maintain positive outlook
    Your employers know that you are an intern, thus they don’t expect you to accomplish everything that’s been assigned to you. Take benefit of this short time period and feel free to ask questions about the basics. Try to sop up your surroundings. If you make a mistake, do not let it dampen your spirits. Employers judge you by your attitude and how you react to your own mistakes.

  4. Act the real-time
    Strictly follow company guidelines, dress code and office hours. Treat every employee with professionalism and respect. Stay away from badmouthing any of your co-worker, you never know when it would backfire you. Take active participation in company’s social gatherings and activities. Don’t surf the web for personal use at office, personal life should be left at home.

  5. Plan a face-to-face
    When the internship program is near the end, fix a scheduled meeting with the employer to talk about your overall performance and chances of continuing with company. Bring to their attention list of your professional accomplishments and let them know how you have proved your worth.

  6. Network
    Even if your internship has come to an end, keep-in touch with your colleagues and seniors. Make use of social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter to stay in touch, take opportunity to say hello from time-to-time.

  7. Think twice before accepting
    If you happen to receive an offer for full-time job especially if it’s for the first time, evaluate the job and yourself before giving your nod. Carry out a proper market research about the company, the salary that other companies offer for the job title that has been offered. If these things fit your expectations, then go for it.

Keep these points in consideration if you aspire to turn your internship program into a full-time job.

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